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The JDG pallet belt is based on the K-type reciprocating feeder, and the reciprocating motion mechanism is changed into a belt conveying mechanism, thereby realizing continuous feeding, and simultaneously changing the feeding motion from sliding friction to rolling friction. The amount of treatment is greatly increased, and the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, so that power consumption is also significantly reduced.


The machine is especially suitable for continuous uniform feeding of coal.

Features & Advantages:

1. large production capacity

2. greater adjustment of feed volume can achieve stepless speed regulation

3. low energy consumption, low noise, stable operation

4. The feeding material is uniform and stable and convenient to adjust

5. the design is reasonable, the structure is simple and reliable

6. easy to disassemble, install, maintain and transport


This product is mainly composed of drive device, coupling, rod gate, chute, head funnel, frame, stop roller, idler, head cleaner, drive roller, reversing roller, tensioning device, etc. 

Work priciple:

The working principle is as follows: the material in the silo enters the chute through the connecting section and the bar gate and falls onto the tape. When the tape is stationary, the material stops moving by the internal friction; when the driving roller is driven by the external force, the tape starts to rotate, and the tape is moved. The tape drives the material on the funnel and the discharge port, and the material is continuously discharged from the discharge port to complete the feeding process. The uncleaned material adhered to the tape is scraped off into the head funnel by a head cleaner.11842835308_877132844

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