LS (GX) Type Flexible Screw Conveyor to Transfer


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working principle and structure:

The screw conveyor usually consists of three parts: the body of the screw machine, the inlet and outlet device, and the drive device. The company does not supply electrical switch and motor starting equipment.

The body of the screw machine is composed of the head section, middle section and tail section. Generally speaking, in the final assembly, the middle section is arranged in order of length, the longest section is near the head section, and the middle section of the same length is next to each other. If there are special requirements, the middle section will be arranged in order when ordering.

The thrust bearing is installed in the head section to bear the axial force, and the spiral shaft is supported by the bearing in the middle section and the tail section. In addition, the shaft section is equipped with radial bearings which can be moved in an axial direction to compensate for the error of the length of the screw shaft and adapt to the change of temperature. The form of spiral surface has solid spiral (S method) and band spiral (D method) two kinds. Each screw shaft is connected by flange, which ensures the interchangeability of the connecting shaft and facilitates maintenance.

The cover is tile-type and clamped on the shell with the cover buckle. If the sealing performance needs to be improved, users can add waterproof canvas between the cover and the shell by themselves.

There are four kinds of feeding port, square feeding port, hand push feeding port and rack feeding port. The user opens and welds the body in the field. When arranging the position of the inlet and outlet, the distance from the inlet to the end should be ensured, and the collision between the inlet and the loading cup of the bearing, the connecting flange of the housing and the base should be avoided.