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JGS roller spacing adjustable roller screen is a kind of wet ball screening equipment specially designed for controlling pelletizing and discharging particle size. Its main functions are reflected in the following two aspects:

(1) screen out the green balls that do not meet the requirements of the production process size;

(2) further strengthen the strength of the green sphere. The screen has the characteristics of non-bending roll, long service time, smooth and even spherical roll.

The roller screen is composed of a driving device, a roller body and an adjustment support. Each roller drives independently and can meet the requirements of micro adjustment of roll seam.

Main features & Advantages:

1. The gap of each roll can be adjusted arbitrarily.

The traditional roller screen transmission mode adopts gear transmission. When used for a period of time, the spacing between the screen rollers become larger, the rollers cannot be adjusted, a lot of qualified ball leak, which resulting in low efficiency of the roller screen.

Domestic pelletizing plants (sintering plants) often change part of the roller diameter slightly larger to adjust, so as to increase the cost, and increase the workload of repair.

JGS roller spacing adjustable roller screen adopts the mode of single roller and single motor drive, which can adjust the gap of each roller arbitrarily, and is not affected by the large cumulative adjustment amount caused by the number of rollers, so that the screen roller can be used to the maximum extent.

2. Multi-stage material screening can be carried out.

According to different requirements of production, the device can be used for different grain size screening to ensure the uniform and qualified grain size.

3. Easy adjustment and linkage of screen rollers.

Each single roller adopts single drive, drive and sieve roller support to adjust synchronously. The combination of a tight way to lock, use and adjustment is more convenient. Electrical control is opened and stopped by one point, which is convenient for post operation.

4. The screen roller is made of composite processing, which has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity and good abrasion resistance.

The surface is made of polyurethane composite material and mineral powder contact, without magnetic absorption, which can effectively prevent the adhesion and roll bending and last longer.

Processing measures:

1. Process flow
Blanking → butt joint → inspection → welding (casting blank → machining) → inspection → assembly → inspection → spray painting → inspection → packaging → warehousing.




Specification Model


Technical Parameter Performance


42 rolls

Roller screen




Roller specification: φ102×1200 (mm)

Screening effective length: 4824mm

Number of rollers: 42

33 screen gaps: 6mm

9 screen gaps 18mm

Speed: 126r/min

Cycloidal pin gear motor

Model: BWY0-11-0.75

Power: 0.75Kw

Voltage: 380V

Speed: 1390r/min

Speed ratio: 11

Transmission mode: single roller single motor drive

Screen angle: 10°


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